2010 Conferences

April - Electrochemical Society

Dr Karuppanan Sekar presented "Strained Si:C Using ClusterCarbon Implant."

May - 10th International Workshop on Junction Technology, Shanghai

Dr Wade Krull presented an invited talk "Advances in Molecular Implant Technology."

June - 18th International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology, Kyoto

Dr Karuppanan Sekar presented a talk on "Optimization of Si:C stress retention and junction quality with ClusterCarbon implantation."
SemEquip also authored a number of poster presentations: "Larger ClusterBoron (B36Hx) Implant for USJ applications;" "USJ with ClusterBoron and ClusterCarbon Co-implants;" "Universal Cluster Source;" and "Extension of the Si:C stressor thickness by using multiple ClusterCarbon species."
We were also co-authors of a number of other papers with our OEM partners and their customers.
SemEquip was proud to be sponsor of IIT2010.

July - Meeting of the Northern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society - Junction Technology Group, San Francisco

Dr Wade Krull presented an invited talk.